ATI College prepares students to achieve their future goals in the chosen field of professional career in accordance with the following objectives:

To provide an excellent academic and professional preparation of students for career in their chosen field of specialization.

To assist in development and maintenance of high standards of achievement for students.

To provide necessary encouragement of critical thinking that is essential in the professional world.

To assist the student in achieving these objectives, ATI has established a professional environment consisting of:

  • A faculty of highly educated & experienced professionals possessing extensive knowledge, skills, experience and concern for students achievement and success;
  • A career services department dedicated to assisting graduates in obtaining employment in the fields of their profession;
  • A curriculum devoted to career related subjects that combines theoretical education with hands-on training, thereby, enabling students to acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of career programs that are in strong demand by employers;
  • Hands-on training on modern equipment conducted in a professional workplace-stimulated environment;
  • Attendance, behavioral and dress code policies designed to emulate a majority of professional attitude which will prepare students for professional success in the job market.