Career Services

Career Advising

Career advisors are on-campus to provide assistance and advice to students individually as often as necessary. Advising takes place in monitoring the student progress as scheduled for the period of enrollment.


Job Placement Assistance

ATI College does not guarantee placement to any student.

However, limited job placement assistance is provided to graduates at no additional charge. Upon graduation, the student’s name is recorded in a placement register for the follow-up process.

Placement assistance is providing by reviewing the listings of prospective employers seeking employees, their job requirements, salary, and other pertinent information.

Students are referred to interviews and the results of these interviews are recorded in the placement register. The school may show prospective students this register upon request.

Steps for Job Placement Assistance @ ATI College

  • Step 1:  Attend Career Services counseling meeting with your Career Advisor.
  • Step 2:  Prepare professional resume with the help from the Career Services Department.
  • Step 3:  Begin job search.
  • Step 4:  Forward resume to prospective employers.
  • Step 5:  Prepare for job interviews.
  • Step 6:  When placed, notify your school with employment verification information.

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